Tribal Operations


Office Phone: (715) 588-4200 or (715) 588-4239
Office Fax: (715) 588-9240
Garold Smith, Chief Judge
Shannon M. Cobe, Associate Judge
Jodie Bednar-Clemens, Tribal Attorney
Jane Beeler, Clerk of Courts
Phone: (715) 588-4239
Theresa Soulier, Deputy Clerk of Court
Phone: (715) 588-4200
Rylee Poupart, Deputy Clerk of Court
Phone: (715) 588-4440


Gilbert Chapman Sr. Judicial Center
623 Peace Pipe Road
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538

Mailing Address:

Tribal Courts
PO Box 217
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538

Additional Information:

Tribal Ordinances

Appeals: Chapter 80; Tribal Court Code; Three-member panel of judges; Notice of Appeals must be filed 20 days after judgment entered; Must post bond and filing fee and transcript deposit

Admission Requirements: Fill out the Application to the Bar. Attorneys: Certificate of Good Standing from state Supreme Court and fee of $75.00; Lay Advocates: Submit affidavit reciting the qualifications of such spokesman to represent another before the Court accompanied by an admission fee of $25.00.

Court’s Source of Power: Tribal Constitution.

Rules of the Tribal Court

Subject Matter Jurisdiction: Civil (includes traffic, child welfare, child support, paternity, housing, truancy, domestic abuse, juvenile drinking, landlord/tenant, Conservation/Natural Resources on and off reservation, and divorce); and CHIPS for children 17 years of age and under, Small Claims, Probate: Criminal (probation by Judges).

Personal Jurisdiction: Tribal members; limited non-member Indian and non-Indians; and depending on subject matter.


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