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Court Ordinances
Court Ordinances


CHAP51 Ordinance Regulating Sale & Possession of Fireworks CHAP74 Ordinance Regulating the Activities of Minors
CHAP28 Water Quality Wellhead Protection CHAP53 Fire Prevention Code
CHAP29 All Terrain Vehicle Reg Ordinance CHAP54 Plumbing Code CHAP80 Tribal Court Code
CHAP13 Procurement and Property Management
(Not Available - Being Revised) 
Chap200 Lac du FlambeauBand of Lake Superior Chippewa Hazardous Substance Control Code CHAP55 Basic Housing Code CHAP81 Small Claims Code
CHAP30 Domestic Relation Ordinance CHAP56 Mechanical Code CHAP82 Probate Code
CHAP31 Child Welfare Code CHAP57 UBC-CABO Enforcement & Inspector Licensing Ordinance CHAP83 Code of Ethics
CHAP32 Name Change CHAP60 Tribal Leasing Ordinance CHAP84 Mortgages on Trust Lands
CHAP33 Domestic Abuse Restraining Orders CHAP61 Building Code Ordinance CHAP90 Housing Authority Ordinance
CHAP34 Guardianship Ordinance CHAP62 Land Use Ordinance - Corrected 04-16-08 CHAP91 Ordinance to Establish Water and Sewer Authority
CHAP35 Truancy Ordinance
CHAP62 Land Use Ordinance CHAP92 Home Ownership for Indians
CHAP36 Child Support CHAP63 Community Improvement Areas Ordinance CHAP 93 Workers' Compensation
CHAP40 Liquor Control Ordinance CHAP64 Code Compliance Ordinance Chapter 94 Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Ordinance
CHAP41 Franchise for Operation of a Community Antenna Televion System (Cable TV) CHAP65 Emergency Mangement Ordinance CHAP95 Industrial Hemp Control Ordinance

CHAP42 Cigarette Sales & Distribution Ord

CHAP66 Protection and Management of Archaeology, Historical and Cultural Resources

CHAP96 Roads Access Permits

CHAP43 Gaming Control Ordinance

CHAP43 Chapter X Guidelines

CHAP43 Chapter X Per Capita Distribution Ordinance

CHAP67 Road Encroachments CHA Bylaws
CHAP44 Business Corporation CHAP70 Law and Order
CHAP44a Tribally-Owned Business Organization Code CHAP71 Motor Vehicle Code
CHAP45 Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance CHAP71.1 Motor Vehicle Code
CHAP46 Consumer Protection Ordinance CHAP72 Ordinance for Gun Control
CHAP47 Labor Ordinance CHAP73 Regulating Open Containers, Disorderly Conduct, Contribute Delinquency of Children
CHAP50 Animal Control Ordinance

List of Constitutional Amendments
Constitution (Original) Treaty of 1837
Treaty of 1842
Treaty of 1854
Constitution &  Bylaws (Effective 9/9/2005)

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