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Energy Assistance (WHEAP)
Energy Assistance (WHEAP)
The Lac du Flambeau Economic Support Office administers the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) Program. WHEAP provides assistance for heating costs, electric costs, and energy crisis situations. Most types of fuel are eligible to receive assistance. Whether you use wood, propane, natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil to heat your home, energy assistance is available if you qualify.

The Wisconsin Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources provides services to Wisconsin qualified residential households with energy assistance and weatherization needs. The WHEAP Program is administered by the State of Wisconsin Home Energy Plus Program.   The Lac du Flambeau Economic Support Department contracts with the State to assist the community of Lac du Flambeau with WHEAP/Weatherization needs.




WHAT IS Home Energy+   Home Energy Plus includes the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP), Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), and Home Energy Plus (HE+) Furnace Program. WHEAP helps with heating costs, electric costs, and energy crisis situations. WAP helps renters and homeowners reduce their energy consumption. The HE+ Furnace Program provides services to eligible homeowners to repair or replace their heating system. Operating with federal and state funding, the programs provide energy assistance payments to over 200,000 households and weatherization services to over 6,000 households in Wisconsin each year. 


HOW TO APPLY    Households have the ability to submit applications year-round. The heating season is from October through May; however, customers have the ability to submit applications during the entire 12-month calendar period.   They may also apply online please visit and by phone 715-588-4235 and ask for Lisa LeSieur or Gloria Cobb.


WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR ENERGY ASSISTANCE AND WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE? Your household may be eligible for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) and Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) based on a number of factors. If your household gross income is less than the amount shown on the following chart, you may be eligible for a benefit or services. Applications for both programs are accepted at your local WHEAP agency. Program services are available without regard to race, color, gender or gender identity, sexuality, age, religion, national origin, or mental or physical disability. ENERGY SAVINGS TIP During winter months, change your furnace filter monthly. A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder which can reduce its efficiency and life expectancy.


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The Home Energy Plus Program uses a previous one-month income test which is annualized to determine program income eligibility. Income for people who are self-employed, farmers, or seasonal workers is based on federal income tax forms for the previous year.


WHAT IS THE WISCONSIN HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AND HOW DOES IT WORK?  WHEAP assistance is a one-time payment during the heating season (October 1-May 15). The funding pays a portion of energy costs, but the payment is not intended to cover the entire energy costs of a residence. The amount of the energy assistance payment varies depending on a variety of factors, including the household’s size, income, and energy costs. In most cases the energy assistance benefit is paid directly to the household’s energy supplier.


DOCUMENTATION NEEDED AT THE TIME OF APPLYING.  Customers are required to provide the name of the fuel provider;  name and account number; landlord or property management company (if applicable), date of birth and one month prior income information.


WHAT TYPES OF FUEL ARE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE ASSISTANCE?  Whether you use wood, propane, natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil to heat your home, if you qualify, energy assistance is available. Your household may also be eligible to receive a payment for non-heating electric energy costs through funding provided by Wisconsin’s Public Benefits Program.


IF YOU CURRENTLY DO NOT HAVE HEAT OR MAY BE DISCONNECTED.   Crisis assistance may be available if you have no heat, have received a disconnect notice from the vendor, or are nearly out of fuel and are unable to purchase more. WHEAP agencies provide a 24-hour crisis phone number to help with emergencies that occur after business hours. Non-emergency assistance may include providing information on how to reduce fuel costs, counseling on budgeting and money management, payments to a fuel supplier, and copayment agreements.


FURNACE/BOILER REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT    WHEAP emergency heating system assistance can provide services to eligible homeowners if the furnace or boiler stops operating. Heating system assistance includes payment for repairs or in some situations your residence may qualify for a total replacement of a non-operating system. Call LDF Economic Support/WHEAP Agency 715-588-4235 immediately if you are experiencing a no-heat situation.  If after hours or on the weekend please call 715-588-4281.


Apply online for WHEAP benefits or call 715-588-4235 to request an application.  You may call Gloria Cobb at 715-588-4281 or Lisa LeSieur 715-588-4266 to request an appointment for Energy Assistance.


WISCONSIN WEATHERIZATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM The Weatherization Assistance Program helps homeowners and renters reduce energy consumption while increasing comfort in their homes. Weatherization improvements may also make your home environment healthier and safer. Improvements are installed by the local weatherization agency in your area. If your residence qualifies for weatherization services, you may receive one or more of the following energy efficiency measures: 4Insulation Adding insulation to the attic, walls, and crawlspace helps reduce energy use and increase comfort. 4Sealing Air Leaks Sealing air leaks reduces cold drafts caused by gaps or cracks in the home’s structure and may improve indoor air quality. 4Heating System Update Repairing or replacing an inefficient furnace or boiler will save energy and money. 4Energy-Saving Products Installing water-saving faucet aerators and shower heads and ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs will reduce your energy needs. Replacing an old refrigerator or freezer with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model will also save energy.


Wisconsin Home Energy Plus Programs, please visit for additional information and resources.


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