Community Update on Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Policies and Resolutions
Policies and Resolutions
This category contains Tribal Policy and Resolutions

Resolution 185(21) Lifting Mask Mandate for some Tribal Programs

Resolution 215(21) Coronavirus Workplace Policies - Limited Covid-19 Paid Sick Leave

Resolution 214(21) Coronavirus Workplace Policies - Employees Permitted To Work From Home

Resolution 213(21) Restrictions on Tribal Employee Non-Essential Work-Related Travel

Resolution 212(21) Cancellation of All LDF Community Events

Resolution 325(20) Reinstatement of Mask Requirement as of 8/20/21

Amended Mask Mandate Notice effective on June 16, 2021

Resolution 26(21) Spearing On Reseveration Declaration

Official LDF Tribal Government Quarantine Order

Official LDF Tribal Mask Order

Lac Du Flambeau Tribe Amending Resolution 165(20) Declaration of Restrictions on Access to Tribal Lands on the Lac Du Flambeau Indian Reservation

Lac Du Flambeau Tribe Extension of Hazard Pay

Lac Du Flambeau Tribe Safety Measures for Managers/Supervisors

Resolution 165(20) Amending Resolution 133(20) Declaration of Restrictions on Access to Tribal Lands on The Lac Du Flambeau Indian Reservation

Resolution 164(20) Amending the Declaration of Shelter at Home

Emergency Burn Ban Resolution

Good Friday/Easter Monday Holiday Change 4/8

Coronavirus Workplace Policies/Wage Guarantee 4/16 and 4/30 & Off-Site Work Forms 

Coronavirus Workplace Policies and On-Site Work Record Form 4/8

Covid-19 Workplace Policy Revision

Temporarily Re-Assigned Employee Workplace Policy 3/23

Tribal Workplace Compensation Update 

Coronavirus Pay Policy Update 3.19.20

Tribe Issues Work From Home Policy

Human Resources Policy Regarding Covid-19

Voluntary Self-isolation Policy

State of Emergency Resolution

Lac Du Flambeau Tribe Non-Essential Work Travel Restrictions

Lac Du Flambeau Zero Confirmed Cases Notice


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